10% of Sales will be donated to the AMIT Emergency Relief Fund

About Us

Who we are: Schlep & Schmoe is a modern Jewish brand for those of us with an identity crisis. We believe Judaism and pop culture can be interwoven to create a new experience for those of us wanting to retain the best of both worlds. Plus, our clothes slap.

Our Origin Story: Schlep & Schmoe was created in response to the 2021 flare up in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the subsequent anti-Antisemitism felt by Jews throughout the world.  Schlep & Schmoe hopes to build a stronger connection to Judaism and instill a sense of Jewish pride for young Jews who may have difficulty merging the two worlds they live in: the secular and Jewish world.  While our clothing aims to be fun and jovial, we are serious about the brand's goal.  

Clothing with a Cause: Our brand works to be good and do good.  A percentage of our proceeds go to Jewish and pro-Israel organizations across the globe.